Waiting on Wednesday: Soulprint by Megan Miranda

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Megan Miranda
Expected Publication: February 3, 2015
Genre: YA Science Fiction
Alina Chase has been contained on an island for the last 17 years—whether that’s for the crimes of her past life, or for her own protection, well, that depends on whom you ask. With soul-fingerprinting a reality, science can now screen for the soul, and everyone knows that Alina’s soul had once belonged to notorious criminal, June Calahan, though that information is supposed to be private. June had accomplished the impossible: hacking into the soul-database, ruining countless lives in the process.

Now, there are whispers that June has left something behind for her next life—something that would allow Alina to access the information in the soul-database again. A way to finish the crimes she started.

Aided by three people with their own secret motivations, Alina escapes, only to discover that she may have just traded one prison for another. And there are clues. Clues only Alina can see and decipher, clues that make it apparent that June is leading her to something. While everyone believes Alina is trying to continue in June’s footsteps, Alina believes June is trying to show her something more. Something bigger. Something that gets at the heart of who they all are—about the past and the present. Something about the nature of their souls.

Alina doesn’t know who to trust, or what June intends for her to know, and the closer she gets to the answers, the more she wonders who June was, who she is, whether she’s destined to repeat the past, whether there are truths best kept hidden—and what one life is really worth.
Well, that would be a good thing in a way. A way to "prevent" criminals being born so we can have a more peaceful society. This book presents a great premise; but even though this is labeled as scifi, there is reincarnation here I think since there's the "past life, next life" concept being thrown around. Or there's also another possibility like the concept in Aeon Flux.
Ayanami Faerudo


  1. I agree it reminds me of Aeon Flux, too, and of MILA 2.0 by Debra Driza. I think I'll keep an eye out for this. Thanks for bringing it to my attention! =)
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  2. This sounds just weird enough to be interesting. I'm totally intrigued by the concept of using a past life to inform on your current one. This takes things to a whole new place. Cool choice!

    This week my WoW is Breaking the Rules!


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