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Welcome to Whatever You Can 

Still Betray

About the Blog

Whatever You Can Still Betray was founded in June 2010.

It features:
  • fiction books, both in Young Adult and Adult categories.  I mainly share the books that I love and I sometimes  fangirl write reviews about the books that I read. I also introduce and feature books that are up-and-coming.
  • anime and manga that I happen to love.
  • movies that I have seen in theaters or in DVDs though this would be far-between since I do not go to the theater much.  Furthermore, I post about TV series that I am gaga about - these TV series are usually Asian ones, particularly Korean, Chinese and Japanese.
  • random things, people, causes and events that I feel passionate about - this blog is, after all, entitled "whatever you can still betray".

Now you know a little bit about this blog. And oh! In case you are wondering, I got my title from one of John LeCarre's quotes: "Love is whatever you can still betray".

About Me

1. My mom named me Myrtle way before JKR named a ghost in a second-floor girls bathroom in a magical school.

2. I currently live in Thedas and am in Solas (that apostate hobo elf) hell.

3. I was a Ravenclaw when I was first sorted in Pottermore. I was re-sorted to Gryffindor in the relaunch. I identify as a Slytherclaw.

4. I am from the third largest island in the Philippines.

5. I read mostly fantasy and paranormal; but I won't say no to mysteries, horror/ghost stories, historical fiction and contemporaries.

6. I wanted to be an archaeologist, Lara Croft style. Alas, my university didn't have an undergraduate program and mom said it wasn't very practical. I went on to study tourism, business management and the northeast Asian region. 

7. I am a chocoholic.

8. Don't be misled by my Goodreads reading count. Aside from books, I read countless articles (magazine, newspapers, academic, science, entertainment), Tumblr meta, theories and AUs, and, the bulk, FANFICTION.

9. Speaking of which, I got the courage to post a fanfiction on AO3 and fanfiction.net

10. I love dogs.

I love to connect with fellow readers and bloggers thru social media.

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