Mini Review: A Girl Named Digit by Annabel Monaghan

A Girl Named Digit
Annabel Monaghan
Farrah “Digit” Higgins may be going to MIT in the fall, but this L.A. high school genius has left her geek self behind in another school district so she can blend in with the popular crowd at Santa Monica High and actually enjoy her senior year.

But when Farrah, the daughter of a UCLA math professor, unknowingly cracks a terrorist group’s number sequence, her laid-back senior year gets a lot more interesting. Soon she is personally investigating the case, on the run from terrorists, and faking her own kidnapping—all while trying to convince a young, hot FBI agent to take her seriously. So much for blending in...

The idea that a genius girl in high school helps the FBI in solving crimes and bringing down terrorist organizations is simply, not exactly original, but still exciting. Here you are, a nerdy girl just trying to fit in when suddenly you are kidnapped by a hot FBI agent (bonus: he's only a few years older than you, downside: he's already considered an adult, you're a minor) and is chased across the country by terrorists trying to kill you just because you cracked their code aired on primetime drama. This would be the adventure of a lifetime and would look good on your resume (even if you're already accepted, early decision, to MIT) when you don't get killed in the process.

What I didn't like is the fact that although the characters' feel, know and show instant attraction to one another, I didn't like the fact that they're saying I love yous and contemplating a lifetime together after a week of knowing each other. Although, I admit that sometimes in real life these things do happen but I just really don't find it believable.

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