Cover Thursday: Beauty Shots

Thursdays are dedicated to covers of upcoming releases or covers of books that are already on the shelves that I happen to love.
I've been meaning to write this post for sometime now when I had an epiphany while watching America's Next Top Model - don't ask - and the contestants were having their beauty shot photoshoot.

First, let's define what a beauty shot is:
(Beauty Shots) Pictures that are taken from the shoulders up, featuring the hair, the skin, the eyes, the smile and the makeup. Also known as head shots. -Urban Models
A headshot from the shoulders up, where the main focus is on the model's face, including make up, hair, and accessories. - Fashion Modeling
A beauty shot is a headshot similar to a makeup or hair advertisement, with emphasis on the model’s facial features. - from the book "Professional Commercial Photography" by Lou Jacobs Jr. 
A lot of you have probably noticed that some, if not most, of book covers nowadays feature head shots of the supposed main characters of the books. Some of these shots are simple with the face of the character in a pose/emotion that best embodies the tone of the book while some shots are of faces with creative additions that would make the covers pop.

While the faces on book covers are obviously not selling makeup, hair style nor accessories, you can't deny that these covers are beautiful.

Here are some examples of beauty shot book covers:

What are some of your favorite beauty shot book covers?

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  1. This is such a good observation. I'm usually so stuck on girls in pretty dresses I never notice this.


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