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I'm still finishing Divergent... And I am not revealing all my creys yet regarding this book because of reasons. I know a lot of you loved Divergent and well.. No! I don't not like it. Patience, my good barat'm (or whatever my good buddy, Benny said in The Mummy). 

I've also read the third book in the Spirit Guide series. You can read my review of the first three books here. Those books being under a hundred pages each scored major reading points for me. Although I like my books thick, that condition only applies if it's as good as LOTR or Harry Potter where the story only gets better and better. Other than that, some books may pass a hundred pages but the story will just be bland, no developments whatsoever and a cramped climax, denouement and ending. 

Like Grey Eyes which I also read this week. A love story and love triangle that's just crazy; a heroine who discovered she's a witch, the heir of her family (a super-rich), and in the last pages discovered she's really an angel who came down from heaven and became Merline (Merlin here is a female), the very first witch and mother-supreme of vampires and witches. Did I mention a love triangle that's just crazy? I really don't like characters who are in constant motion between two loves - you know like a pendulum. That's why I can't stand Zoey in The House of Night series (not just two but more!).

Anyway, enough ranting. It's making me more irritable what with the summer heat and all.


Finished reading Divergent.



That is all. *bows*


Full review to be posted later. 5 out of 5 apples. I am Divergent.


In the spirit of dystopia and post apocalypses, I've chosen to read Ashes by Ilsa J. Bick. Nothing like an apocalypse of no meteors, no tectonic plates and no galactic alignments but good old zombies. This book reminds me a bit of Soulless by Christopher Golden which I read during the wake of a relative - which added major chill factors. I don't even know why I read this book on that particular day.  However, in Soulless, it was the fault of three mediums for calling out the spirits of the dead whereas here in Ashes it's an electromagnetic pulse that's at fault. I don't how it will give rise to zombies but I guess I have to read it to find out.


  1. So glad you're almost done with Divergent!
    And hope you like Ashes I can't believe I haven't read it and I even have an ARC of the second book... I think I'll read it, soon. I'll be looking forward to what do you think!
    Have a nice day!
    Happy reading!!

  2. Ashes looks really good, sorry you didn't seem to really care for last weeks titles, hopefully this week will be better. Happy Reading.

  3. So Divergent convinced you, eh? Glad you ended up enjoying it! :)

    Sorry that some of your books this week were a bit lackluster... that always puts me into a reading funk.

    Hope you enjoy Ashes! :)

  4. I totally understand that "ASDFGHJKLALKFJAKFASFLKAG;LASF!!!!!!" reaction of yours! And what can I say?! Really?! You wanna know? Well...


    THAT and only THAT. LOL.

    We can undertstand each other right? Besides, we're both DIVERGENT.

    Hahaha. XOXO!

    P.S. Good luck with your picks this week! I almost forgot since you mentioned Divergent. *winks*


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