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A weekly meme about (mostly) books and reading.

The BTT question of the week is:
If you had to choose to live within a novel, which would it be?
This is tough. Really tough. How could you ask us, book lovers, this? Well, you know what I mean - not all of us could have just one book world that we'd want to be part of. Every novel offers a different world where one could sink in and live out just because... well, it's wonderful.

Anyway, that said, and I guess I have to answer the question, I do have a world that I want to be part of... just because I've been reading about that world for half my life.

Harry Potter Saga

Yes, that's it. I honestly was waiting for my Hogwarts letter when I turned eleven. And when it didn't come, I assumed it just got lost in the mail... or the owl got lost on his way. *shrugs* And gosh! To be able to use magic, to go to school as fascinating as Hogwarts and to be a part of the wizarding world, whether Voldemort's there or not.


  1. Great answer, I imagine there will be many others who too mention Harry Potter!

  2. I guest that is a popular choice, a little too much magic for my taste. http://edwardsgranddaugther.blogspot.com/2012/05/reviewing-inspired-organized-effective.html

  3. Hogwarts would be an awesome place to live! But I agree about it being hard to pick one book to live in. Books are where we escape to new lives every day. See my answer here
    Happy reading!

  4. Yay for Hogwarts! I think Care of Magical Creatures would be my favourite lesson! Here's mine: Small Blonde Hippy

  5. Lots of people are wanting to leap into this book world...enjoy!


  6. I chose HP too! I mean, you can't beat Hogwarts!!

    Here is my response: http://blueeggbooks.blogspot.com/2012/05/booking-through-thursday.html

  7. Good answer.


  8. Yay. That's my answer as well (and the reason I asked this question : )

    My answer is here: http://abookandashortlatte.wordpress.com/2012/05/19/booking-through-thursday-43/


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