Ideas When You Least Expect It

It's always hard to write a good review. Sometimes it only takes moments after you read a book but oftentimes, as in my case, it would need a lot of daydreaming and staring into nothingness to come up with words that would justify what you feel about a certain book.

Take for example my review for the duology, Eon (first book) and Eona (second book) both by Alison Goodman (the review will be posted later this week). The thoughts penned there came after dinner last night when I was staring at a cold dish of carbonara. The words came out of nowhere and I scrambled to find some pen and paper and nothing could be found in my immediate vicinity. I was running around like a headless chicken for five minutes and the words were coming in a rush.

Therefore, I made a resolve to always carry with me a pen and a little notebook that I could whip up whenever ideas come to me. Do you know how frustrating that is when you suddenly have a brilliant thought and you couldn't jot it down for use later? Urgh!


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