Mini-review: The Moon Key by J. R. Stampfl

I've had this book for a while and read this book years ago. I wondered why I never touted its greatness before... LOL
The Moon Key
by J. R. Stampfl
Published: Novermber 28, 2005
Publisher: Mass market Paperback
ISBN: 0843956194
The abandoned baby was wrapped in a hotel towel with a Wendy's napkin attached. "Please take care of her. We'll be back," the napkin said. Thus she was christened Wendy Hilton. Thirteen years she's spent waiting for her parents to return. Today, Wendy's done waiting. She's about to become her own heroine. For around her neck is THE MOON KEY.

Small and silver, Wendy's only memento of her parents is a crescent-shaped pendant that opens the door to a new world-a magical world. But Wendy's powers come with a cost. She's being tested for some reason, and she doesn't know why. Are her parents involved? Wendy wants to be a heroine, but first she must learn the true meaning of courage and the sacrifices we make to protect the people we love.
I don't know why this book has not been catapulted into much-deserved greatness. I know this is not my usual YA fare and along with Green by Laura Peyton Roberts (see my review here) are the only pre-teen books that I have featured here on the blog.

Yet, I did not regret reading this book. And I would read it over and over again simply because it helped me overcome my low confidence and self-deprecation. It helped me, even for a little bit, to find it in me to transform myself into whatever or whoever I want myself to be.

Therefore, even though this book geared towards pre-teens, the lessons that are encased withing are suitable for all ages.


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