Sleuthing With Nancy Drew

I looked despairingly at the yellow, hard-bound books that are neatly arranged on my desk by volume number.
"What the heck was I thinking?" I asked myself as I opened an MS Excel file where I record and track the books I own, books I read, and books waiting in line to be read.

Some of them...

I read my first Nancy Drew book when I was in my freshman year in high school when I was twelve years old. It was my first time at a library and I was scanning the meager collection of our school when I happened to chance upon a dog-eared yellow book with a girl on the cover, the word 'mystery' included in the title.

I don't remember the exact title but I was intrigued and borrowed it. I only read it in one day and was immediately charmed by the story.  I went back to the library and borrowed another Nancy Drew book until I read through the FIVE titles available in the library.

I was hungry for more - but the library was hopeless. Thank God one of my classmates had other titles and I frequently borrowed from her.
I never intended to collect them and up until now I cannot come up with a reason why I do.

Perhaps it is because Nancy is a girl detective who is so clever at solving all those mysteries.
Perhaps it is because of her being so good at everything she does from dancing to faking a fossilized Indian tablet while solving those mysteries.
Or perhaps it is because she could do whatever she wants to do and go wherever she wants whilst solving all those mysteries.

You never know.

Perhaps because Nancy's adventures appeal to my inner child who still whispering "Oh I wish, I wish, I wish..." Mind you, I ALWAYS whisper this whenever I read great books.

Yet, the biggest 'perhaps' may be because I get to go sleuthing with and her and have fun solving the mystery.

Whatever the case, reading Nancy Drew is always a joy even if the villain is so glaringly obvious.

Now, I need to find a box to put those books in and ship it to my home in the province.


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