Cover Thursday: Red, Blue and Green

Anything and everything... Book Covers.

Or yellow with some books. Book covers of series books which follow a certain theme is really easy to the eyes. Not only that but the covers just tie all the books together to let the reader (and the book hoarder) know that they belong to the same series. The designers would use the same title font or the same art vectors and whatnot. But what I noticed when I was looking at my, finally, organized bookshelf is the use of colors. Three Four colors in fact.

In the bookstore, seeing them in a row draws your eye.

 It makes your collector's heart squeal with glee,

"My bookshelf will look so good..."

 "...and I'll enjoy more books, of course."

These are examples of how you draw the reader and potential book buyer to, at least, consider the books, yeah? They're really preeeeeeeetyyyy, no?
Ayanami Faerudo

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