What Reader Species Are You?

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What Species of Reader Are You?--Infographic
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Oh gosh, I haven't written what my reader species is! Okay, as is everyone, I'm an eclectic breed of reader. I don't belong to one group. I mean, who is?
The Hoarder: I try to read all my hardcopies. The word is try. But now that ebooks are readily available and I could carry them anywhere never worrying about space then we have a problem.
The Immersive Reader: DO NOT DISTURB THE READER. Doing so would result in injury and/or you may be a receptacle of excessive feels.
The Book Buster: I take care of my books. They're my prized possessions. But I also dog-ear pages, take them out into the sun, eat/drink while reading...
The Re-Reader: Absolutely. For example, I read Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings at least once a year.
The Travelling Reader: Did I mention that I fell into a canal while reading. Yes, I was walking. And I do read whenever I'm at any transit station waiting for the bus/plane/van. I even read while in the vehicle *my poor eyes*.
The Sleepy Bedtime Reader: I'm surprised I could sleep with the laptop and/or ereader light on.
The Bathroom Reader: Once, my friend joked that I could read an entire novel in one bathroom sitting. It's not true but I do carry some reading material into the bathroom. Immersive Reader, remember?
How about you? What reader species are you?
Ayanami Faerudo


  1. Oh gosh I can relate to so many things. XD Reading books that no one has ever heard of or dogging earring a book and not letting people borrow my books. I am just all over the place. XD I love discounted books and hate reading on eReaders and I read in the car quite fine. I will borrow if i need to because you're reading a book for free, duh! I can't read on bed because it just makes me go to sleep, and I sometimes believe in one-sititng/putting aside stuff to know what would happen. Depending on the book, of course.

    What a funanalysis! Which group are you?

    1. I've added my reader species to the post. XD We are all mixed-type of readers, aren't we?


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