Book Haul (9): Iron King (Japanese Version)

Book Haul is a feature post which showcases the books that I got. 

About two weeks ago, I went to a bookstore here in Sendai, Japan to look for the Japanese version of the Iron King. I looked everywhere in the store and scanned every inch of the manga section but I came up with naught. I was too shy to ask the bookstore clerk if they have stock since I am not really confident in my Japanese.

Today, I finally got the courage to ask the guy at the cashier about them. It was not really a painful experience and we did understand each other - thankfully - although I had to write the Japanese title of the Iron King which is フェアリー プリンセス and tell him the author's name - ジュリー カガワ. He assumed that Julie's Japanese since the name but I told him she's an American.  But they gave me the Iron Daughter set first but I told them that I wanted the Iron King.

Well, long story short, they have them.

Special guest: Pikachu
And this would be a good way to practice my reading skills since everything is written in Kana.


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  1. Oh, wow those look so cool ! Also, your pikachu is cute.


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