Scraps (7) Get Ready

...Or 'unfinished writing attempts' These mini-episodes were made to let out some pent-up creative steam and to put to paper some products of imagination that are constantly running around in my mind. 
Well, I wrote this some years ago and until now I am not very satisfied with it. *sigh*

Get Ready

“I can’t believe you talked me into wearing this thing!” wailed Yuki.  “I thought you were my friend!”

“Payback for dragging me out of a perfect day for lounging around our room doing nothing,” returned Kirsten.

“And here I thought that meeting gorgeous, virile men was enough payment for hauling you out of solitude,” smirked Yuki.

“Ew,” said Kirsten scrunching her nose.  “Dear, I want young, exciting men not white-haired ones.”

“Whatever.  I have not worn such a thing in my life!!!”

“Suck it, Yuki,” admonished the fair-haired young man escorting her and Kirsten up the steps.  “Besides, you look devastatingly gorgeous, girl!!!  I couldn’t believe that I have permitted you to hide behind those boyish, unbecoming clothes you always wear.  You have this alluring, mysterious aura going on about you.  A temptation so remote and challenging.  God!  If I wasn’t a certified gay, my hands would be all over you.”

“Dawson!!!  My breasts are practically spilling out!”

“Remember, Yuki,” said Kirsten.  “This was your idea:  Have everyone think that Dawson is the temporary chief while you act as a flirty, mindless bimbo and the latest squeeze of the man.”

“I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Don’t back out now, honey,” whispered Dawson.  “We have arrived.”

Adjusting the uncomfortable dress, Yuki fixed her face and glanced at the huge oaken double doors to the bustling party in full swing.

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