Scraps (5) Invitation

...Or 'unfinished writing attempts' These mini-episodes were made to let out some pent-up creative steam and to put to paper some products of imagination that are constantly running around in my mind. 

And here we go again! Got the guts to post this.


Thane lounged in the sofa as he watched his friend surreptitiously flicked the invitation in his direction.  How many times had he told Raine that he wasn’t interested in attending a ball where fops and flirts were sure to be.  He admitted the latter was mildly considerable seeing as he needed someone to ‘expend’ energy with but meeting conniving mothers tipped the scales rather heavily in favour of avoiding the benefit once for all.  Raine, noticing his expressions, put the trump card to his face:

“Thane, there is a conglomerate that is in a bad fix right now.  It’s in bad financial traits – even Wall Street and Tokyo are talking of taking it off their lists.  Hell, the stock market offer is plunging as we speak.  The board of directors even issued a public statement that Creon Zaltana is indisposed and Lacour Zaltana on extended vacation.  So, it’s now or never for you to have Auris Incorporated grab the opportunity and buy it.”

“What does the benefit anything to do with it?” Thane lazily asked.

“The social gossip, courtesy of my spinster aunt, entails that the temporary head is going to be there.  From what I heard, the business society has raised its eyebrows.  Apparently, this new head does not have an ounce of business experience or a brain for that matter.”


“He apparently issued an order to freeze-dry the stocks and had the entire product research and development turned on their butts.  He had their private accounting firm’s ears boxed and he quietly shut himself with the board of directors for an entire week.  That was after he mailed letters to every bank saying that he’d rather be struck by lightning than sell the company to any buyer foolish enough to even think of taking over.”

Frustrated, Raine noticed his friend calmly turned the invitation over and over.  He started to make a scathing remark when Thane abruptly said:

“I’ll go.”


“I’ll give you the satisfaction of dragging me to this stupid benefit,” he said.  “I want to meet this crazy, dim-witted, new head of Aglaia Corporation.”

With that, he stood up, tossed the invitation back to Raine and left the room, his mind already halfway on his second part of the plan to have the new head of Aglaia practically hand over the control of the corporation.

He did not know that he would have to put up with a pair of deep, violet eyes.

Yes, yes, whatever you say Kaeden Thane De Laurentiis. You think you're going to "meet" the new head, only the one you'll be subtly persuading to "hand-over" Aglaia Corp. is the gay best friend (who'll probably be drooling at the sight of you) of the real new head who'd also be there but playing a  role to also subtly study the competition. Mwahahaha.

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