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I finished Sundays at Tiffany's. Finally! It had it's certain charm but I liked the movie better than the book. The film was more fun, light and interesting. Okay, I tried to convey my feelings in a paragraph, and I erased that since it was not making any sense so I'll just go by number and phrases:
  1. Book Jane was more serious than Film Jane but Film Jane was more fun.
  2. Book Hugh was evil while Film Hugh was just a jerk.
  3. Book Vivienne was colder than the Film Vivienne, yet the FV didn't die in the end (ha! spoilers)
  4. Book Michael was also more serious but I'd totally vote for the Film Michael - he's fun, naive, and had a childlike quality about him that Jane needed.
I noticed the word :fun: is topmost in the reason why I liked the movie more than the book. Well, it was.

I have not read The Fire Opal yet. I haven't even go near it yet. But, I promise I'll read it today after making sure no one will bother me when I do go and read. I did finish Taste by Kate Evangelista at two in the morning yesterday. Apparently, the only peace I could get here is in the dead of the night. I woke up at six in the morning to the sound of grandmother swatting away with the electricity mosquito thingy. Because of that I was cranky all day. Anyway, I liked Taste - four out of five apples. When I first read the blurb it reminded me of the manga Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino since both talk of Day Students and Night Students and how no Day Students should be caught after dark in the school grounds. Although the Day Students in Vampire Knight did get to see the Night Students as they, the Night Students, come to school at dusk. But having Day and Night students are the only thing that made them similar since Taste was another story altogether. I'd be posting my review as soon as I could catch the feelings and words I have for the book. Kikaron. Yum, yum. I think I'll have some later.

The other thing that kept me busy was the re-design of the blog. Gah, I was not satisfied with the look before and I think this is the fifth or sixth time I changed the blog's look since putting it up. I don't know. I only started making new meme badges and I ended up changing the whole blog's look. I think I'm satisfied with the blog's look for now - it's more clean I think.


I'm going to read Dark Kiss by Michelle Rowen. I received it from NetGalley and I'm aiming to put my review before its May 22 release. And to reduce my TBR-stack-of-long-ago-books, I'm going to throw in She Smells the Dead by E.J. Stevens. Now that ability is none too exciting. It reminds me of a superstition here in our country: when you smell something out of the ordinary, something you're not sure where it's coming from, or if you smell flowers or candles then something or someone not of this world is near you. Also, when you smell a strong urine odor, then a kapre is just outside your window. A kapre is a mythical creature - a paranormal which looks like a man who is nine feet tall, has a beard, and is usually depicted as smoking a tobacco.


  1. Your reads for this week sound really good. Can't wait to hear what you think of them.

  2. On a different note did you redo your blog since last week? Or am I just so tired I'm imaging that it looks really different?

  3. I hope you enjoy Dark Kiss I have the ARC, too, but I don't know what to think about it. I'll be looking forward on what you think.
    Good luck this week!!
    And have a nice day!

  4. I haven't read or watch Sundays at Tiffany's but it sounds good to me.
    That cover of She Smells the Dead is creepy and scary and something else... hmm... I want to see your thoughts about the book. I haven't read any reviews about that book and yours might be the first one I want to see =) I hope both books you're trying to commit are good. Nothing's better than a fun and enjoyable reads during summer =)

  5. Gah! I had forgotten about my Dark Kiss copy! Silly, silly me! And the Pub-D is coming up too... Well, I'm adding that to my priority reading list. Thanks, Ayanami!

    On a different note... I'm glad you read and enjoyed Sundays at Tiffany's! It's weird when the film's better than the book, but it still was okay (and you read it) so... Yay!

  6. The blog does look fantastic :) Glad you finished Sundays at Tiffany's! And I've always been interested in She Smells the Dead, but never picked it up. The girl on the cover of that is kinda freaky looking. I think it's her eyes. Maybe that's why I haven't picked it up yet... lol. Dark Kiss... that look interesting too! I hope you have a fantastic week of reading ahead!


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