Book Haul (2)

Book Haul is a feature post which showcases the books that I got. 
When I first started blogging formally, this feature was called "Got A Copy Of" and I just posted the books that I got individually. As the blog evolved and I discovered cooler things I began to link to the In My Mailbox linky over at The Story Siren. However, recent (or not so recent ) circumstances have made me rethink of linking there again. I looked around and discovered old mailbox memes and new ones which sprung up after the revelations last week. However, I decided that I'd just have the good-old Book Haul feature which is the mother of all mailbox things - I think.

UnEnchanted by Chanda Hahn
Unraveling by ELizabeth Norris
Secrets of the Time Society by Alexandra Monir

Timeless 1.5! I never knew that it had a novella but I know now. Seriously, I really want to read the second book. I want to know who that mysterious boy was in the ending. *sigh* It isn't until December but at least I would know a little more of the Time Society.

Now, Unraveling reads more like a paranormal, dystopian book - at least it says dystopia there in Goodreads. But I think the setting is more the Now, the present. Well, I'd find out when I read it.

UnEnchanted is more of like bought-on-a-whim. I just saw Brothers Grimm and poof!

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