TBR Intervention Challenge (27)

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I have not finished reading The Poison Eaters yet. Nor any of the books I've wanted to read this week - Torn and Ugly To Start With which are review-request books. I've been busy transferring files to a new laptop and organizing them has been a pain since there are thousands to re-classify, reconsider and discard. I'll be finishing all three books this weekend... In-between trips to the beach. Summer!


For this week's TBRIC, I'll be reading The Immortal Rules for my galley review to be posted in time for the release of the 24th. I've been on a vampire-books-break lately - there are too many of them out there - but I'm making an exception with TIR since I've loved Julie Kagawa's writing in her Iron Fey series.

Also, I've been wanting to read Sundays at Tiffany's since I've watched the movie so I'm putting it in this week's reading cue.

Knocked off some reads, guys? What are some OMG moments you've had this week? Mine was having the camera taking a plunge into the ocean with the phone following soon after.


  1. OMG The Immortal Rules is AWESOME. I mean it takes a little getting into in my personal opinion because Kagawa is a little graphic with her descriptions of the main characters diet in the beginning and those kind of churned my stomach but once you get past those it's an amazing story you can't walk away from. In my opinion it's less Vampires and more Dystopian and yeah Vamps are a big part of it but not like your usual vampire book. Considering you've got at least one Dystopian series in your awesome book list you'll probably love it.

    James Patterson is an excellent writer so anything by him is likely to be good though I haven't actually read that particular book. Is the Poison Eaters as good as the cover makes it look? I have it in my TBR pile but haven't had time to actually read it yet so I had to ask.

  2. Oh! I have Immortal Rules on my TBR and NetGalley! I heard it's really really good. I can't wait to read it. I hope you'll enjoy it! Sundays at Tiffany's looks good to me too. But seems like a deep read. I hope you finish those books this week. Good luck!

    Hugs, April

  3. I hope you enjoy The immortal rules, I´m currently reading it. And I´m loving it!
    Hope you can finish The poison eating, I´m so curious about this one.
    Happy reading!!!

  4. Your camera AND your phone went for a swim? Oh! [clasps heart] I'm so sorry for your loss. As a photog, my cameras are like my other children, losing them would be extremely paintful. I'm sorry you didn't get the books finished that you wanted to... here's hoping that this week you'll get a ton of reading done... on the beach. Lucky duck! :)


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