Mini Review: No Use for a Name by Penny Wright

No Use for a Name
by Penny Wright
Published: June 5, 2011

Blurb from Goodreads:
When fifteen year old Baby Anderson goes to the DMV to get her learner’s permit, she gets a surprise. Baby isn’t a nickname like she always thought - it’s her legal name. Her screwed-up, neglectful parents never got around to naming her. On the bright side, she’s about to start high school – the right time to reinvent herself. She never imagined how wrong it could go.

When she tries out new names, she also takes on their stereotypes. Derek, the hot sophomore football player, knows her as Barbie, the sexy, bitchy cheerleader. Grady, the popular senior, believes she's Mary, a sweet Christian girl.

When her multiple personas collide she learns she isn’t the only one who’s been keeping secrets. As both her family and her love life fall apart, she needs to decide who she truly wants to be: Bitchy Barbie, Moral Mary…or someone else. But even if she makes the right choice, is it too late? Has the boy she’s fallen in love with given up on her for good?
I did not like this book.

There was not much development at all and the story had a sort-of a point-to-point, situation-by-situation flow to the story. It was also very hormone-filled. Of course, this I understood since the characters were all teenagers and there would be quite an amount of sex talk. But, please, everything came out as a bad, teenage cliche complete with all the cheerleader bitchiness.

I was expecting something more of a journey of finding out who is Baby Anderson. Not some wild-goose-chase of finding a name by changing your name every so often and a story along to go with it. There was some material to work with, i.e. her family and her place there, but even though there was something mentioned somewhere, the potential understory that could be explored with was not utilized and all the stuff that was "revealed" in the end just sort-of crashed. I was really gunning for the fact that Baby and Kaia had the same father.

Oh, well. You can't get everything.

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