30 Diet and Healthy Tips to Give You Longer Life - Part 02

And I give you Part 02 of diet and healthy tips that are supposed to give one a longer life (see part 01 here). 

This post comes from one of a myriad of articles collected by my grandfather and I though I would share it with you. 

As I said in my previous post, these tips are quite sound but some of them are somewhat ridiculous (at least to me). But you be the judge:

16.   Avoid excessively cold and iced beverages.
Explain to me why we need to do this. There’s nothing wrong with drinking them. Then again, anything excessive is bad for you.

17.   Eat smaller portions of foods more often than large less frequent meals.
I call this the diet inspired by the “pregnancy diet”. I read somewhere that since pregnant women are in need of food quite often they are advised to eat six small meals throughout day instead of three large ones in order for them to maintain a healthy weight.

18.   Don’t mix foods of different types. In general, eat all of one food at a meal and proceed to another. Eat the primary carbohydrates-containing foods and those rich in protein last.
I really don’t get this.

19.   Include foods rich in vitamin B-17 in your diet, such as wild berries, chickpeas and the seeds of most fruits such as peaches, pears and apples.
Uh, chickpeas are out of the question but I do love apples. They’re my favorite.

20.   Make certain that you continue taking any vitamins and enzymes prescribed by your doctor.
I only go to the doctor when I do not know what’s wrong with me. Usually, our family diagnose ourselves.

21.   Avoid coffee completely and only use tea in moderation. Drink different herb teas instead.
There’s always been a debate about coffee. But, generally speaking, coffee IS good for you (aside from helping you not fall asleep).

22.   Do not smoke or use tobacco in any other form. Try to avoid being around people who do smoke.
I abhor people who smoke.

23.   Avoid applying synthetic chemicals to your skin in such forms as cosmetics, fragrances, etc.
This warning doesn’t really have a good, er, foundation. There are no studies that link bad things to cosmetics (except animal testing).

24.   Avoid the use of products that are packaged in aerosol containers such as insecticides, deodorants, etc.
I really don’t fancy using tawas (allum) for my armpits.

25.   Do not take drugs unless they are necessary for a specific purpose.
*ROFL* What if one wants to take heroin (drug) since it’s necessary for him/her to get high and escape reality (specific purpose)?

26.   Avoid chemicals in your environment, such as cleaning fluids, paint, thinners, etc.
But these are household necessities. *whines* How am I supposed to paint the wall without paint?

27.   Be sure your drinking water is safe. Avoid fluoridated water. Use distilled water.
This is the only one that makes sense.

28.   Get adequate exercise out of doors whenever possible.
I don’t subscribe to exercise machines. Heck, if I exercise at all. But if I want to get sweaty, I’d like to do an activity that makes sense and has a purpose, i.e. cleaning the house and getting rid of decades-old things, practicing arnis and biking around town.

29.   Spend a reasonable amount of time in the sunshine with no glasses or contact lenses on.
The ideal time for sunbathing is around six to eight in the morning. But one still needs to apply sunscreen.

30.   Avoid radiation from TV sets and microwave ovens.
Can’t. I’m a TV junkie.


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