Playing Around With My Camera

Once upon a time, whenever I would look at something and I find something beautiful, my fingers will itch and my mind would whirl wanting to try and somehow preserve the breathtaking tableau that I am witnessing. I especially love to look at sunsets, when the whole sky would be ablaze with brilliant colors and I would think how gorgeous it would look in watercolor. The only problem is I cannot draw - I am hopeless!

Of course the next best thing was a camera; however, I did not have a camera then. And I would be so frustrated and sigh and groan... the picture was fading away and I would be left lamenting. I would so want to capture that instant, that particular moment.

A year ago or so ago, I was given a camera as a gift. THANK GOD! I was so excited and so giddy that I could now take those pictures that I wanted. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Now this camera is just one of those regular point-and-shoot cameras and has a touch screen for easy navigation. I love playing around with the adjustment settings that are right for the environment where I am shooting at that time. 

I do not claim to be an amazing photographer. *giggles* I just want to capture those awesome images. Before I sign out, here are some of my work, just click the pictures if you want a larger view:


I will also do some shameless plugging…. The rest of my pictures are up at my DeviantArt account, just follow this link.

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