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In a world filled with darkness…

can true love spark just enough light to save it?
Never Fear the Reaper
Never Fear the Reaper #1
Ashley Pagano
Publication Date: April 23, 2017
Genres: YA Paranormal, Romance
When Chase hires the mysterious ghost exterminator, Ryder, to cleanse his house from a pesky poltergeist he gets way more than he’s paying her for…

There’s just something about Ryder that has him mesmerized.

Is it the fact that he’s witnessed her do the unexplainable? Or the fact that she’s absolutely breathtaking? Or perhaps it’s that eerie familiar feeling that they’ve met before, perhaps in another lifetime.

Chase desperately tags along with Ryder on a whirlwind of life threatening adventures in exchange for a few precious moments of alone time with her. With the Grimm Reaper’s Scythe as their defense, Chase developing some supernatural gifts of his own and an intense crush developing between the both of them what crazy supernatural force will target them next?

It wears a long, black-hooded robe, but what they don’t describe is what the robe looks like. It isn’t fabric or fur. It’s made of a gooey, globby, wet, tar-like substance that falls in heaping waves upon Its feet. But if you look closer, the waves do not depict the look of fabric. They are literally severed human hands that crawl over one another, cascading to the bottom of the robe, hands that are covered in the slimy, black tar. Its wetness glistens as the light bounces off it. I shit you not, the fingers climb over other hands like spiders, burying a new hand with every step the creature takes. The robe is what moves It forward.” Her voice and body shudder as she illustrates Its appearance. The girl who isn’t scared of any supernatural being finds it impossible to talk about this one. It must be that chilling. 

“Under Its hood is sheer blackness. There’s no face, no eyes, no nothing. Just a black hole in Its drenched tar hoodie. Why would God make It so terrifying? Good people do not deserve to see such a sight. I understand It is there to guard the gates of heaven and hell but why make It look so disturbing? Maybe it’s meant to humble us one last time. Who knows?” she contemplates out loud. 

“I could only see one of Its hands, the one that held Its staff. It is a massive, skeleton hand. It has no flesh covering the bones. White, knobby bones merge into long, yellow fingernails, fingernails that come to sharp points and resemble rancorous claws. Grotesque. 

“It holds a colossal Scythe. . .”

About the Author

Ashley Pagano has always dreamed of being an artist both figuratively and literally. Her love of art was instilled by her mother who always inspired her to be creative either with a paintbrush or with a pen and paper. As far back as she can remember her life was always centered around introspection, storytelling, and imagination. Because she is so artistic, she took to the idea of creative writing very passionately. Her ability to describe a scene, person, or place, she compares to painting a picture, where she can describe every detail vividly in order to make the reader feel like they’re truly living in the story. Her works of writing usually center around a powerhouse female protagonist (which reflect her own personality), who progresses through many wild and extreme obstacles. Ashley loves to write stories that end with a cliffhanger, that leave the reader begging for more and questioning what happens next. Her most recent novel sets the stage for the paranormal romance of the century and includes ghosts, poltergeists, and demons who just love to get in the way of true love. Ashley has won awards for her design, art, and writing. 

Ashley doesn’t believe in down time whatsoever and actually loves having a full “To-Do”list. Ashley is a wife to her wonderful husband, Eric and a mother to a beautiful little baby girl named Dakota. She is also a Graphic Designer and a health and fitness coach. Her husband and daughter inspire her to be the best person she can be and encourage her to pursue any of her dreams (no matter how extravagant they may be).

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