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I made a chocolate cake, with a proper oven this time!!! Hahaha! I also made caramel for the first time and I was nervous that it will go sideways. But it turned out great and added it to a bowl of popcorn. My aunt commented on its salt content and I told her that it's salted caramel.

I haven't been reading books lately, I'm behind my GR reading challenge* . Fanfiction is still the go-to these days. I am going into a ReyLo fanfiction-reading phase especially since I've watched The Last Jedi**, so be warned.

Anyways, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Keep safe. Keep warm. Enjoy the food. Have a merry time. Cuddle.

*As I said before, it's not the number of books you've read but about your enjoyment and reading experience
** Which I haven't posted the review for.

Ayanami Faerudo

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