Waiting on Wednesday (105)

Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill over at Breaking the Spine. This meme spotlights upcoming releases that I'm eagerly anticipating.

The Historians
Trisha Leigh
Expected Publication: July 30, 2013 TBA
If you could learn the identity of your one true love—even knowing you’d probably never meet—would you do it?

Years have passed since refugees from a ruined earth took to space, eventually terraforming a new system of planets. Science has not only made the leaps necessary to allow time travel, but the process engineered a strange side effect—predicting people’s one true love.

The problem? If only one soul ever has been born, or will be born, that perfectly matches yours, the chances the two will exist in the same time and place are almost zero. It’s rare enough that the predictions have been reduced to a game, a parlor trick, and no one expects a happily ever after with their True.

If you had the chance to meet your one true love—even knowing you couldn’t be together—would you go?

Seventeen-year-old Kaia Vespasian is an apprentice to the Historians—a group charged with using time travel to document the triumphs and failures of the past—and can’t resist a peek at her long-dead one true love. Before she knows it, she’s broken every rule in the book, and the consequences of getting caught could be disastrous.

If you could save your one true love from a terrible, untimely death, would you be able to resist?

When Oz Truman, a fellow apprentice, discovers Kaia’s secret, he shows her the predicted trajectories that could result her from altering the history of ancient Egypt. They prove that if Kaia doesn’t ensure her True dies as he’s supposed to, the effect on the present will be catastrophic.

Would you have the strength to watch them die?

But when Kaia she notices Oz popping up in historical archives where he doesn’t belong, she suspects he has a secret of his own—and the conspiracy she uncovers breaks worse rules than traveling to ancient Egypt to meet a boy.

If Kaia’s experience with her one true love has taught her anything, it’s that no alteration to history comes without consequences. The Historians trained her to observe and record the past, but Kaia never guessed she might have to protect it—especially not from the people she trusts.
The question is: Who wouldn't want to learn the identity of their one true love? At least you won't go to all that trouble of searching.

But then how about the second and the third questions? Knowing your true love, yet you can never be together, watch them die... Is it worth the trouble, the heartbreak?

*let's out a breath* Why is it so hard!?! I haven't even read the book yet, yet I'm having all these feelings.
The good news is... it's coming out on July 30!

So.... It's not going to be published on July 30. Yeahhhh. I was looking around stuff and reading Trisha Leigh's blog with her latest entry and....

First of all, congratulations Trisha Leigh for being signed as part of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.

Second, well you just have to read her post which can be found here [link].

Ayanami Faerudo


  1. Aw, too bad this got pushed back, I was excited for it as well. But if that means it will be better in the long run, that's worth it!
    My Waiting on Wednesday

  2. This novel sounds great! I love the present cover. My only worry is that there might be an 'insta-love' issue with this one - I hope not. :-)

  3. WHAT! This book came on my radar in the last couple weeks and i'm so excited to read it! It sounds so unique! I'm bummed we have to wait longer :( Anyway, great pick!

    Nicole @ The Quiet Concert
    my WoW

  4. Time travel is totally not my thing, but this... sounds too tempting to resist! This is going onto my list, whenever it will finally be out. Thanks so much for sharing!
    My WoW

  5. WOW! This sounds AMAZING. So bummed it might not be releasing for possibly years yet. Thanks so much for the heads up that this book exists. Really looking forward to it :)

    Our WoW

  6. The time travel really appeals to me. Thanks for sharing and for the intro.
    My WOW...


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