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“You should, perhaps, be a little more concerned for yourself, Michelle, as your blood will aid my ascension as your next god.” 

He grabs me by my hair and drags me through the doors back into the hall. I feel my blood smearing across the floor. The king barely acknowledges the slaughtered men in the other hall, and he drags me past them.

“He’s dead,” I hiss. “Your true god is dead. You can’t replace him. You’re nothing. Your powers aren’t even real.” 

He laughs. “The truth will be more painful than anything you hear from me, Michelle. There is always a way.” He grabs me by the collar of my shirt and shoves me face-first into the floor. His foot stomps onto my back, the impact sending stars flying before my eyes, and I can’t help but shriek as I feel his fingers dig into the wound of my back. 

I manage to raise my eyes to his. The light of the hall pulses with my heartbeat. As if his hand is smeared with honey, he licks my blood clean from his palm. 

I’ve never felt more violated. 

I can tell from the look in his eyes that this is just the appetizer to the feast he has planned. 

I’m too weak to stop him from throwing me into another elevator behind me. He locks the lever into the down position, then he slams the gate shut. 

“I’ll be with you soon,” his sing-song voice echoes down the shaft, “then you will feel the authenticity of the power I have over you.” 

Darkness eats the last trickle of light.
The Last Winter Moon
The Cycle of the Six Moons #3
Adelle Yeung
Publication Date: November 11, 2016
Genre: YA Fantasy

The Goddess of Starrs has vanished…

Arriscyal has fallen…

Gediyon is missing…

Dreana holds the answers to everyone’s pasts…

When Michelle returns to Starrs, the world is in chaos. No one knows who to trust, and even faith in their Goddess has dwindled. Michelle must reveal the truth of the Cycle; only then can she hope to unite everyone.

The Sixth Moon looms overhead. The end of the Cycle is nigh. Michelle and Jayse must stop it once and for all.

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About the Author

Adelle Yeung is the author of The Cycle of the Six Moons trilogy, a young adult fantasy adventure.

She is also a voice-over artist who can’t go a day without a cup of tea. When she’s not writing or recording, she enjoys sewing costumes, baking sweets, and escaping on video game adventures. She lives in California with a cat that dreams of eating the pet bird.

She has provided script supervision for the independent animation, Shattered Heaven, and is head script editor and one of the co-writers for the upcoming game Fiona Frightening and the Wicked Wardrobe. 

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