When Words Are Not Enough for Waging War by April White

Waging War
The Immortal Descendants #4
April White
Publication Date: January 26, 2016
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy, Time Travel
War is being waged against the Descendants and Saira Elian is desperate to stop the Mongers’ savage bid for power…

Saira’s search for kidnapped mixed-bloods draws her into the Mongers’ stronghold, revealing the horrible truth behind the irresistible Monger ring and the vile plan to cleanse Family bloodlines … permanently.

To prevent a brutal massacre, Saira and Ringo travel back to Bletchley Park during World War II where they team up with Archer from the past to crack a Nazi code and expose a Monger traitor intent on changing the course of history. They team with a female commando from the French resistance to hunt down an elite unit of Monger soldiers - Hitler’s Werewolves - before the terror squad can strike a fatal blow at the heart of the Allied war effort.

Their desperate manhunt drags Saira, Archer, and Ringo into the London underground on the eve of a Nazi bombing raid where they come face-to-face with the Monger assassin on a suicide mission to split Time. With the lives of all mixed-bloods in peril, Saira must make a sacrifice that even Time and love may never forgive.

What more can you say about a series of books that have you captivated since the beginning (see my reviews of book one, two and three)? Which words could you use that you haven't said before? 

Fangirling - that's the only way I could do this, aided by a ton of GIFs.

It's the deep breath before the plunge. There are so many things that are coming to a head and all I can do is expect a lot of threads/stories to come together in full circle in the final book.


*Oh, Saira. You're always running every time we meet [again] in every book.

*I am about to enter the part with all the feels. And... dafuq! I am readying my claws for this pansy Nancy.

*Why is it that when Saira voices her fears and insecurity when it comes to Archer, Ringo and the others shot her down? They listen, yes, but don't they get it that she had a right to have those feelings, along with a slight selfishness, because she cares too much? It's like they're saying she's not capable with her own wisdom and feelings to guide her.

*All of you can have most of the book boyfriends, but Archer Devereux is mine.

*You know, for one so young, Ringo gives great advice on life, love and sundry things. Is he a previous incarnation of Gandhi or something? Erase that since he couldn't have Clocked into Gandhi's lifetime if he was. You know what I mean.

*Claws weren't needed that much. All the fluff and the sweetness! My goodness! ❤❤❤

Ayanami Faerudo

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