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Hello, hello! Just a quick update if I am meeting the challenges I set up for myself. January was a bit of a slow reading month. Eight books? That's not good, not good at all if you compare it to the number of books I could really read if I wasn't binge-watching shows or reading fanfiction (that I read a lot of). Well, let's get on to it.

I know. But the challenge bot says that I am on track! So I am not too disappointed. I can't make myself read more books if I really don't want to. Sometimes, the pressure of a challenge just stresses me out. And even if I eat chocolate cake to relieve stress, that's not good at all in the long run. Both eating too much cake and forcing myself to read. They would take out the joy I get from them. So, I am right on track and that's that.

See my Blogger Shame List HERE.

I tried reading Isabella's Heiress. I really did. I think I got to about 24% and it's been a week already, I couldn't go on reading it. So I marked it as DNF and I don't think I'd be going back to it.

I did finally get to write my reviews for The Heir and the Spare and Born of Shadow. They're good reads so GO and check them out!

I got a dent on my Rock My TBR challenge so that's a go. Two books. Two owned and published books. In the chat, I wanted to read five to seven but as you can see... well...

As for the other challenges - Goodreads Awards Challenge and PopSugar - well, I'll get right into them. Hey, it's just for January after all. Who knows, maybe I'll be getting that manic phase again and just read and read and read...

Ayanami Faerudo

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