Movie Review: Vampire Academy

I probably should have heeded the warning that went off in my head when I watched the trailers and saw that tagline. For the love of the sun, that tagline was just plain awful. They suck at school. Yeah, we know that just from the title of the movie and the book it was adapted from. On the other hand, that line is probably the best one-sentence review for this movie.

I always thought Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy series is more serious because it involves a plot that navigates a number of alleys other than the main one. The movie, however, was campy and felt like a parody of another more substantial version of Vampire Academy. There were similarities and it tried to stay in line with the book however...
  • The BFF chemistry between Rose and Lissa was good.
  • Setting was spot-on and that's the other good thing I could say about the movie.
  • What did you do to my Dimitri!?!
  • Why did they put more emphasis on Lissa and Christian's relationship when all I got was just some Roza, Roza, wear your hair down and charm-induced almost-sex from the main couple? 
The movie rushed through everything. I know that you have a lot of ground to cover but you're already telling a story here not making a pitch to the producers. This is one of the pitfalls of adapting a book to screen: book-to-screen translation

Yes, I should've heeded that warning. This movie was not worth going to the theater for.
Ayanami Faerudo

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