2014 Challenges

Here we go again! It's a new year - new books (and old books from the TBR pile) to read, new authors to discover, more book lovers to meet, and new challenges to tackle. 

I've had a very good run with the Goodreads Reading Challenge last year so I am signing up for it again this year... and I'll probably do it again next year and the year after that. It's how I keep track of the stuff I read after all. So the goal for this year will be one hundred books. I'll adjust accordingly when I near the target number but this time I'm going to factor in a job. Yes, work. It's high I got a real one and start making money while I plan world domination and eat chocolate to my heart's content.

And I signed up for this: Reading Outside the Box Challenge which is hosted by Alison at The Cheap Reader. It's somewhat new and looks like fun. It's different from the usual [insert genre here] challenge where you have to pledge xx number of books to read. This challenge hopes that the reader would branch out to other genres and not miss out on a good book just because it wasn't their cup of YA tea. 
*Most of the categories are pretty self explanatory. Here are the details for the ‘questionable’ ones:
  • Read a Chunkster: Read a book with 600+ pages.
  • Reading by Ear: Listen to an audiobook
  • Accidentally Watched the Movie First: You didn’t realize the movie was based on a book until after you watched it. Ideally you haven’t read the book yet.
  • Relive the Magic: Reread a book you really enjoyed as a kid but haven’t touched it since then.
  • Gathering Dust: You’ve had this book for years and you still haven’t read it.
  • Loved By Others: Other people really love this book but for whatever reason you haven’t read it yet.
  • Lost in Translation: This book was originally written in another language.
  • Second Chance: You read this book a while back and didn’t enjoy it, didn’t finish it, or were on the fence about it. Time to give it another try!
  1. You have all of 2014 to read a book for each square.
  2. A book can only count for 1 square. There will be 25 books for this challenge.
  3. The books read for this project can come from other projects you’re participating in: school, review books, other challenge or events, books for fun.
  4. If you blog, keep a post/page for the challenge. Update the post/page when you read a book for the challenge with a link to your thoughts/review of the book. Make sure to state which square the book counts for!
  5. If you feel like it, write check in posts every few months. Update us on how you feel about the ‘new’ books you’re reading.
Huh. I guess I'll make modify the original box so it will reflect the books that I've read that would satisfy the categories. I'm wondering how I could make it in a way that when someone would click that book within the box they would be linked to a separate post. *scratches head* How do I do this?

Could I include some of the books I've read in 2013 since they satisfy some categories? No? Dang. Oh, very well then. 

So that's about it for this year. Are there other fun quirky challenges I could try? 
Ayanami Faerudo

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