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The Herb Store

Tucked in a corner between a deli and a small theater was my mother's unassuming herb store.

You could have missed it when you walked past it on your way to the deli to get some fresh bagel or to the theater next door if you were one of those people who hunted for small productions that are the locals' best kept secret.

You could have missed it if not for the scents coming from the potted plants dotting the space in front of the sidewalk - rosemary, sage, parsley, mint and hints of lavender and honeysuckle -  the heady scents always enticed the deli customers to nose their way through the different herbs, trying to find the perfect compliment to their roasted chicken sandwich. The theater goers were probably blinded by the crisscrossing lights strung over the pavement. I told my father that the actual theater was next door and it should have been the one all lit up like a Christmas pageant. But they made my mother laugh and I must admit that the faint glow from the yellow lightbulbs added a woodland cottage feel to my mother's herb store.
Ayanami Faerudo

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