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In this night and in this hour, I present to you the trailers of up and coming TV series that I am most excited about... or just caught my interest. I haven't watched that much TV series in the last year, preferring to watch movies and read my books. Scratch that. I've been going gaga over Game of Thrones, lost interest in Once Upon a Time and shouted "eews" every time they decapitate a walker in The Walking Dead.

Surfing the internet, I caught a few rumors and news (i.e. Fox didn't pick up Delirium because it was "too young" for their audience) and found out about these new babies:

Once Upon A Time in Wonderland

In Victorian England, the young and beautiful Alice (Sophie Lowe) tells a tale of a strange new land that exists on the other side of a rabbit hole. An invisible cat, a hookah smoking caterpillar and playing cards that talk are just some of the fantastic things she’s seen during this impossible adventure. Surely this troubled girl must be insane and her doctors aim to cure her with a treatment that will make her forget everything. Alice seems ready to put it all behind her, especially the painful memory of the genie she fell in love with and lost forever — the handsome and mysterious Cyrus (Peter Gadiot). 

But deep down Alice knows this world is real and just in the nick of time, the sardonic Knave of Hearts (Michael Socha) and the irrepressible White Rabbit (John Lithgow) arrive to save her from a doomed fate. Together, the trio will take a tumble down the rabbit hole to this Wonderland where nothing is impossible.

I didn't love OUAT's second season. I don't have a clear reason why. Probably the development since, when I compare it to season 1, I couldn't see the direction season 2 was aiming for. Season 1 was all about breaking the curse but what about season 2? Mulan and Aurora were abruptly dropped, only to show in the end with Phillip (Wonderful! He's alive! But how? Probably going to explain it next season) and then Hook's getting back at Rumple (how many times did you change sides, Killian Jones?), Baelfire/Neal (Ha! I was right!) and pop! Who the heck is this Tamara person?

See? I watched about four or five episodes and just read recaps after. I don't know anymore.

But this... This spin-off. Once Upon A Time in Wonderland. I'll give you a chance since I very much like your trailer and your background music. I liked the idea that Alice was committed to any asylum after her adventures, I liked her travelling worlds, I don't like your true love.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.


All this S.H.I.E.L.D. business reminds me of X-Men - find superheroes, recruit them, don't let them get into the hands of bad guys, save the world.

Oh yeah. "Don't touch Lola."

Ayanami Faerudo

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  1. How AMAZING does Once Upon a Time in Wonderland look?! Dang it, I really didn't need a new show...


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