Armchair BEA 2013: Genre Fiction

The book-ish focus will be genre fiction. What draws you to a specific genre? Do vampires, zombies, or witches float your boat? Or, do you prefer the heat of romance? Recommend your favorite genres and/or books and help build reader TBR shelves a bit more!

Alrighty! *rubs fingers* Here is a confession I have to make: after all these years of blogging I can still get confused about genres and categories. 

I call YA a genre. But it has been bugging me a lot lately that something didn't feel right and when I've heard about New Adult then I KNOW something wasn't right. And that is when I realized that YA and NA are categories in reference to their target age groups. Genres then would now be fantasy, dystopia, vampires, historical, etcetera, etcetera. From that day forward my obsessed-with-order mind can rest easily. Of course, right around that time I also realized that the obsessed-with-order part of me had been doing the right thing all along: I've been organizing my books according to, what is now, category (i.e. YA and Adult) then by genre (although in the adult category, they are all romances).

And there you have my epic struggle with categories and genres.

Enough with that. Let's get back to the main questions, shall we?

This blog, if you can't already tell, is focused on YA. I'm turning 24 this year and still my preferred genr... category to read is YA. You would ask then why if I am an adult, why do I read YA (which targets readers between 13 and 17) and why I keep coming back for more.

I can't seem to put into words why I choose to put the spotlight on this category. Some say it would be the lingering vestiges of my teenage years or that I am still clinging to them. To that last part, I have no comment. The thing is that, I don't think anyone should be limited to the category most fit to one's age group. Everyone is free to branch out. I myself am branching out to New Adult and it doesn't even lessen the love I feel towards YA. I mean I still read my fairytales and read Nancy Drew. You know.

As to what floats my boat... Anything... as long as it is a good story; though, I was more into faery stories but after a while I could get sick because I digested too much of them. Now? Anything. Although I skitter around any werewolf stories. I can't give specific reason why I don't particularly like them. *thinks* No, I really can't. 

  Ayanami Faerudo


  1. YES, finally someone else who is confused! I talked about my confusing about genres and subgenres today. It's so hard to say "I love to read X", but back to the main topic: I'm 22 and I also love YA. I don't care what people think. Reading is for fun, so you should read whatever you want :) I'm completely obsessed with fairytales & retellings and I LOVE Grave Mercy <3

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  2. I think YA and NA are age levels. There are genres (paranormal, romance, fantasy, science fiction, etc.) within each age level. Or that's how I look at it. Ooo, but I loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone! And Warped! Ahh! Fantasy :D

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  3. "Suddenly Royal" is high on my TBR list. I haven't read "Smoke & Bone" yet but I will have to take a look. I'm in your camp, I love YA and New Adult as well.

    My Genre @ Lindsey Gray


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