That Book Description. That is.

I never put much stock on book descriptions, synopses or blurbs before.

Some are written so horrendously that I find myself shaking my head in frustration at whether the one who wrote that particular description read the book at all... or whether one just needs a lesson, or several, on how to write a book description.

The book description should capture the essence of the book. Teasing, tantalizing the reader of the treasure trove of the worlds within the pages, revealing things but keeping secrets, remaining coy and tempting.

I am not asking to give me the summary of the story but enough to tell me that the book is worth buying. I do not want to read something that after a few seconds moaning the fact that my laptop needs to be serviced because it was broken after I threw it against the wall in frustration.

And if I ever see the word "gorgeous" describing a boy again, it would be too soon.
Ayanami Faerudo

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