Scraps (14) Massacre

...Or 'unfinished writing attempts' 

I'm giving it to you raw, unedited and wriggling. Pardon the numerous grammar mistakes and such. I've written this a long time ago and I'm giving it to you in its purest form. *hyena laughter*


The orange hue gently warmed the coldness that began surrounding me as the shadows lengthened. I mentally counted the amount of purchases I was carrying, worried that it would not be enough for the household. There were sheets of nori, a bushel of dried fish, a bunch of persimmon and sweet cakes. I sighed. I guess I may have to go to the market again tomorrow.

I caught sight of the house and adjusted the packages I was carrying. Bother. I still had a few drills to go through with the oldest. I wonder if I could bully, I mean persuade Sakaki to prepare the juniper tub in my room. Hmph. He would probably do something outrageous in return.

Hmmm... Several people should have greeted me by then. More like accosted the food I bought. I stood before the two-storey wooden house - the seat of the clan. Odd. Why are there no lights? And it's quiet. 

Too quiet...

A tight feeling gripped my chest. I dropped the packages and swiftly ran towards the house and slid the door open. Panting, I looked around the entrance. The place was deserted. My brothers should have been all over the place, preparing for the evening's practice.

I shouted. No one came.

Something's wrong. Something's wrong. Something's wrong!

I ran. Up the stairs, towards the main hall. I wrenched the door open and stood in horror.

Bodies were everywhere. Slashed. Stabbed. Dripping blood. With eyes open in shock, as if they didn't expect to have their lives taken from them. Blood spattered the shoji screens, highlighted by the dying fire from the oil lamps. My brothers, faithful retainers of my clan. Jouha, Kakuji, Rei and there was... A body was swinging from the rafters.


It must have been hours or it might have been just a moment. I was frozen as I kept staring at Sakaki's  body. But a slight sound attracted my attention. I turned my head to the left and peered into the darkness.

Plink. That sound again. I ran towards it. To the room where we kept the clan's sacred treasures.

The doors were destroyed. A bloody trail slithered its way towards the altar and eyes gazed at the mutilated body of my eldest brother.


I ran to his side, checked his wounds and slid a finger under his nostrils. He was still breathing. A soft sound escaped from his lips, stopped, then another came again.


What? I slid closer, putting an ear near his lips.

"...take them. Take them..."

I looked towards the altar. Them. The sword and the whip. The sacred treasures.

A sudden movement caught my eyes and a shadow launched itself at me. I rolled back just as a sword came crashing down where I was before.

Take them.

I grabbed them and ran.

Men detached themselves from the shadows, coming at me with swords raised, trying to take the sword and the whip.

Why? Why?  Why? I'm just a girl.

I ran down a hallway, to the front balcony and without hesitation, jumped.

Ayanami Faerudo

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