Scraps (9) Arrival

...Or 'unfinished writing attempts' 
I was organizing the papers I've accumulated and I found this paper where I wrote some scene which I don't remember writing.... XD

         "How do we know that she's not one of them?" asked the snotty girl.
       "Because if I was one of them I would have never talked with you like a civilized person!" I replied hotly. She was getting on my nerves.
         "Maybe you're faking it."
         "What kind of creatures have you encountered!?!" I was not exasperated.
         "H-, stop it," admonished R-. Then he turned to me. "Who are you and where are you going?"
         "To the Academy."
         "Welcome to the Academy!" greeted a cheery woman in a hot pink suit. "If you are looking for healing, sanctuary and/or missing relatives, please go to the --- Holy crap!!" she exclaimed as her astonished eyes came to rest on me.
      I raised my eyebrows as she stood there gawking at me. Uncomfortable, I looked around at my companions to ask them what the hell was going on but I found them transferring their gazes between me and the lady in pink.
          "What!?!" I asked irritated.
          The woman shook her head and fumbled with the walkie-talkie on her shoulder. She mumbled a few sentences in agitated and excited tones whilst looking back at me. She listened for a few moments, composed herself and addressed me.
           "If you please," she said in a more subdued, formal tone. "You are to proceed to the main hall. They are waiting for you."

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