In My Mailbox (45)

"In My Mailbox" is a meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren
IMM enables bloggers to feature books they receive that week... bought, borrowed at the library or received to review. That way they could mention titles that might not otherwise get some face-time on their blogs.

Love is Fear by Caroline Hanson
Faery Tales and Nightmares by Melissa Marr
Shadows by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Veiled Beauty by Sylvia Andrew, Miranda Jarrett
The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Last week was not a great week for me. I was sick the whole week. I wasn't able to go to school and I was really tied to the bed. On the fifth day, I couldn't take it anymore, I went to the doctor. And boom, pneumonia on the lower lobe of the right lung. I'm better now. My fever let up the day after the doctor gave me some antibiotics and paracetamol, but I still have a nasty cough.

I got great books though. The second book in the Valerie Dearborn series... though I have yet to read the first one, sshhh. And I've always loved Melissa Marr's stories. I've only read just two of Jennifer Armentrout's books, Daimon and Half-Blood and I loved, loved them. Shadows is a prequel and I got it get the feel of this new series and if I can be enticed with the idea of aliens in YA. I found Veiled Beauty in a book sale last week. I went to the mall thinking I was all well since my temp reading was normal. But in the middle of all that walking my temp soared and I looked like some drunk plunked on the floor surrounded by books. Ah, Iron Knight. I've only ever had a galley of you since whenever I was at the bookstore, its either I have no money or they they don't have stock. Now, I can hug you to me in bed and my friends can finally borrow you this summer.

I still don't have my usual appetite for books and food - product of last week's "The bed and sleep are my bestfriends" plus reruns of Ghost Whisperer. 

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