Sundays at Tiffany's

The movie, not the book.

I was lazying around, nursing my sore throat, when I happened to stumble upon the face of Alyssa Milano on HBO, on a movie that I was not familiar with.

I paused of course, I was a huge Charmed fan (still am) and Phoebe Halliwell happened to be my favorite Charmed sister. So I proceeded to watch it, giggled and swooned and finished the movie oddly satisfied. It was the first movie that ever invoked that kind of giddiness in me since I watched While You Were Sleeping (where Sandra Bullock starred). 

I did not have have an imaginary friend but I did have a boy in my dreams who was just perfect. What would you give for a person who really knows you, who does everything to make you happy? 

I was like: Y U NO HAPPEN IN REAL LIFE. *hangs her head in defeat*

I looked-up the movie on the internet and found out that it was based on a book, of the same name, which was written by James Patterson. A book! Well, I know of James Patterson's Maximum Ride series and Witch & Wizard but I haven't read anything written by him. But, Sunday's at Tiffany's may be put on the list next time I go on a book binge.

Synopsis from Goodreads:
As a little girl, Jane has no one. Her mother Vivienne Margaux, the powerful head of a major New York theater company has no time for her. But she does have one friend--Michael--and no one can see him but her. But Michael can't stay with Jane forever, and on her eighth birthday, her imaginary friend must leave her. 
When Jane is in her thirties, working for her mother's company, she is just as alone as she was as a child. Her boyfriend hardly knows she's there and is more interested in what Vivienne can do for his career. Her mother practically treats her as a slave in the office, despite the great success of Jane's first play, "Thank Heaven." Then she finds Michael--handsome, and just the same as she remembers him, only now he's not imaginary. For once in her life, Jane is happy--and has someone who loves her back. But not even Michael knows the reason behind why they've really been reunited.

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  1. I saw this movie when it first came on TV (Lifetime, I think),I don't usually watch Rom-coms but I liked this one !


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