Booking Through Thursday (11) - Mood Reading

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme (mostly) about books and reading.

The BTT question of the week is:

Do you find that your mood affects the things you read? Like, if you’re in a bad mood, do you tend to indulge in reading that will support it or do you try to read things that will cheer you up? Do you pick different types of books on dreary, rainy days than you do on bright sunny ones?
For that matter, does your mood color what you’re reading, so that a funny book isn’t so funny or a serious one not so deep?

Well, here it is the question that is most appropriate for this week's reading habit of Ayanami Faerudo.  For that matter, it also can be appropriate for last week and the week before that.

My mood really affects my reading although not as is stated in the question.  I do not pick 'angsty' books to read when I am angry nor do I pick light reads when I am happy.  I just pick whatever book I want to read, or whatever title in the TBR pile that caught my fancy and just read it.... BUT IF AND WHEN I am in the mood to read. That's what I meant earlier about mood affecting my reading habits.

But my mood in itself does not color what I am reading, it is the material that I read that will affect my mood.  It is the book that decides whether I'm going to be happy with it and feel satisfied all throughout the day after reading or if I'm going sulky mood that would rival the days that I have my period.



  1. Interesting...yes, I think books can affect how the rest of the day or week will go. your holiday header!

    Here's MY BTT POST and

  2. Mood doesn't influence my reading.

  3. If I'm reading a really good book it can really improve my mood for the rest of the week. Sometimes I experience post-book blues when I've finished the book and nothing else seems to come up to standards. I find finishing good books quite depressing!

    I also pick a book mostly based on what I fancy at the time of selecting the book. My mood rarely changes mid-way through the book, unless I'm affected by something outside of reading.

  4. Love your answer! The book I read influences my mood as well and not vice versa, but I do find if a book starts to put me in a 'bad' mood, I can't read anything else for that day. I'll still be hung up on whatever angered me with the book.

  5. I've never really noticed mood affecting my reading...
    Here’s my Booking Through Thursday post. :)


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