2011: Goodbye Fluffy Rabbit

The last day of the year and here I am at an internet shop adding finishing touches to an academic paper.  The (for the most part) reliable internet connection at home decided to celebrate the last day of 2011 by being not reliable.  That is why I am currently found here, among the hardcore gamers and people looking for love in the worldwide web, slaving away to meet another's demand. The consolation price would be that I'd be free to make ube (purple yam) jam later... of course, my arms would be sore because of the constant stirring and that is the only part which I don't look forward to.

The last day of the Year of the Rabbit... and it is freakishly raining cats and dogs and not fluffy, wet-nosed rabbits of sunshine. I should note that each year, as far back as I know, ushering in new years has always been dotted by 'scattered rainshowers and thunderstorms' - that's what you get for being a tropical country.  Of course, in order for fireworks to go boom at 12 midnight the skies should be clear and full of twinkle, twinkle little stars. Is that too much to ask?


Why am I writing this post?  I should be finishing my paper so that I could make my ube jam and eat it too. Well, I don't know why I'm writing this post. I think I'm particularly chatty today given that all I've ever talked to in the last two days were our housemaid and my grandmother - the former, to let out my grievances with the world and the latter... well, we mostly argue about our differing opinions and views of the world and life itself.

I should go back to writing my paper. Maybe, I should go and buy eggs later to offer to Saint Clara and pray for a fair weather. I want my fireworks to go boom properly.

Rain, rain GO AWAY.

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