Cover Thursday (12): Twilight Series

I have decided to dedicate some Thursdays to covers of upcoming releases or covers of books that are already on the shelves that I happen to love.


Twilight Series
by Stephenie Meyer

While some of us may not like Twilight because of more reasons than I could count and I'm wearing the dunce hat but I have to admit that the covers are quite beautiful (one of its redeeming qualities). 

There's the simplicity of it - the images summarily gives us a hint of what's behind the cover... The symbolisms alone.

Simply put I love them, even though I wanted to wring the main characters necks, and totally rewrite most of the material.

And le gasp! It also inspired the reprints of some classics. Check them out:


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  1. The only reason I ever decided to read the Twilight series was because of the covers. I love the covers. I think they're so pretty. As for the books, I enjoyed them, but would never read them again and am not, by any means, a Twilight fan. But the covers are pretty awesome.


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