TV Series Trailer: The Secret Circle

I can't believe I missed this? How could I have possibly missed this?

The Secret Circle trilogy, written by the awesome L.J. Smith, is getting its very own series!

I forgot how long ago (in the last three years since I've begun reading YA books extensively) I read these books and to tell you the truth, I kind of forgotten what is is all about. Well, with the amount of books I'm averaging a month what would be the eventual outcome? I can't remember them all!

Okay, okay. I can still retain that magic is involved in this and of course there's the perpetual new girl in town who discovered that she may not be so ordinary after all. Quite the quintessential base for a story.

BUT! I can also tell you that I liked the books. End of story.

And to think that it was made into a series! 

While I have never watched Vampire Diaries (nor read them - yet, since my absolute favorite LJ Smith series is The Night World), I would take a chance here and watch the pilot episode just gauge things. Of course, it didn't hurt that two - oh all right - three familiar faces are in this production: Thomas Dekker, whom I first saw in Heroes (is that eyeliner or is it just his eyes?), Britt Robertson from Avalon High (I still abhor that movie! They ruined the book!) and Phoebe Tonkin from H2O: Just Add Water (I love that series!)

So, September 15 is not that far away and I would not have a long time to wait.

We'll see. We'll see.


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  1. I haven't read these books, but I like this TV series trailer.
    Do you think the books are long enough to warrant a whole series? Or will they run out of ideas, and need to start making up their own story (separate from the books) the way that True Blood did?


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