I got into Pottermore!

*squealing continues* Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! *dances around the room* Yay! Yay! Yay!
That was basically my reaction when I received my Pottermore Welcome Mail two weeks ago - downplayed of course. I was, and still am, ecstatic that I get to experience another form of media related to that excellent series, Harry Potter.

I was so giddy that instead of studying for my class the next day I spent the entire night navigating through the site. I'll not spoil anything so as to not ruin the another's experience. All I could say is that I had fun going through Harry's story again (only the first book is open for now), got my own wand, and got myself sorted into:

It was a big surprise actually since I've always considered myself a Gryffindor (and all the quizzes put me in Gryffindor). And what do you know, I was put here. I was disappointed at first since I was not put into the house I would like to be in; I signed out and went to sulk in the corner. I was still sulking the following day all throughout my Japanese language class muttering to myself: "Why? Why? Why?". 

But I eventually realized, after reading my welcome message, that I am more suited with Ravenclaw. I must admit that I was (am I still?) a know-it-all. To say the least, I've come accept the Sorting Hat's decision and my fellow housemates are all so nice and helpful (however, there are trolls in the tower).

There is quite a number of new content from JK Rowling: more information on characters and places - I especially love the information on wands (I have Black Walnut, Phoenix feather core, 12 1/4 inches, unyielding). You can collect items (oohhh Chocolate Frog Cards!), brew potions and compete for the House Cup. But since it is still beta, there's room for a lot of improvement -  and we, beta testers, are hard at work to suggest things that can still be done so that come October when Pottermore is open to everyone, you could get the best experience one could have.

For now, mischief managed.

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  1. I'm going to cry if I don't get into Ravenclaw... I can't wait for my e-mail! :D

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