Cover Thursday (7): Hourglass

I have decided to dedicate some Thursdays to covers of upcoming releases or covers of books that are already on the shelves that I happen to love.

by Myra McEntire

At first glance, you may think that she is going to walk through a wall with her hair looking crazzzy... 
But, the coloring of the walls and the molding's placement is all wrong and makes you want a second look
Turn your head 90 degrees horizontally to the left.
Yes! You'll see that she's walking on the walls! And is about to either land face down on the floor or go through it.

How crazy is that!?!


Last June 15, Julie Kagawa revealed the back cover of the highly anticipated Iron Knight (coming this October 25, 2011)

      This is Ash on the front cover.    ...And Puck on the back cover.

Much as I love you Ash, I think Puck wins this cover battle. The unsure look in your eyes is no match to Puck's smirk and I'm-gonna-get-ya expression.


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