Book Review: FALLING UNDER by Gwen Hayes

I write this review now for fear that I would not have the initiative later. I have this bad habit of putting off things to do at a later date only to arrive at that later date and find myself with no apparent desire to do so. Take for example my dream journal and my term papers... Wait. It would be a long story and if I try to gripe now, I would be so sidetracked I would entirely forget I was meant to write my review of Falling Under.
Falling Under
first book in the Falling Under series
by Gwen Hayes
Publication Date: March 1, 2011
ISBN: 0451232682

From Goodreads:
Theia Alderson has always led a sheltered life in the small California town of Serendipity Falls. But when a devastatingly handsome boy appears in the halls of her school, Theia knows she's seen Haden before- not around town, but in her dreams. 
As the Haden of both the night and the day beckons her closer one moment and pushes her away the next, the only thing Theia knows for sure is that the incredible pull she feels towards him is stronger than her fear. 
And when she discovers what Haden truly is, Theia's not sure if she wants to resist him, even if the cost is her soul.

I initially thought this book was about fallen angels, what with the title and all and the bit in the synopsis about forbidden love. I went and acquired the books and it in my "angels" pile (yes I categorize books according to what they are about). But as I read through the pages of the book, I found myself being puzzled about the turn of events. I sensed early on that Haden was no angel, maybe some kind of evil, but not a fallen angel. But I held firm to my belief that there was something about angels somewhere since I held on to the forbidden love thing. But as I found out, it wasn't a forbidden love because it was between a demon and an angel - it was forbidden because it was between a demon and A human. I hurriedly transferred my book to the "demons" pile.

One thing about the plot is that I have heard of a similar one before. And I think some, if not most, of you book lovers also noticed the similarities albeit this one is about gods. I am talking of course of the story of Hades, god of the underworld and Persephone, the daughter of Demeter, goddess of the harvest. Both stories are somewhat similar yet they are not. I have always loved Greek myths (all myths exactly) for their romance and tragedy that I couldn't help but love Haden and Theia's story. There's a certain charm about it that I spent an entire afternoon finishing it. Of course, that doesn't mean that I don't have issues with the characters.

Theia, bless her heart, had her heart in the right place but I just didn't get why she would put up with all the things her father did. Even if she was well-off, in her words, she felt like she was trapped in a gilded cage. I would have rebelled one way or the other once the teenage hormones set in. I would never have put up with all the strictness of my own father. It would have suffocated me. But I guess the guilt she felt about (what she thinks) being the reason for her mother's death must have curbed all those rebellion-inducing hormones. But, Haden came along and it all changed.

Haden is one of those YA boys we secretly love and hope exists. The epitome of perfection with a hint of danger and mystery we, girls, wouldn't resist. As more of him was revealed, I couldn't help but compare his attitude towards Theia with another heartthrob. The book even mentioned him in passing: "If you are about to tell me you are a vampire that glitters in the sunshine, I will--". *laughs out loud* At least this one acted and passed as a human despite the fact he's half-demon which, in my opinion, is way worse than vampires.

The one thing about Haden and Theia's relationship that I thank the heavens for was that it was not over-dramatic. No weepy...*mutters other adjectives* Bella and no overly-morose Edward. No... *screeches to a stop* Okay, the were tears and there was also a reluctance  and a "I-have-to-leave-you-despite-my-feelings-or-your-own-for-your-own-safety" spiel but it was not dragged out nor way, well there's no other word for it, melodramatic. Don't get me wrong, I love Twilight. It helped me bring down any adverse feelings I've had with vampire books. It's just this book is more ----.

I would go on but this has been too long. Read Falling Under, it would be worth it.


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