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It is quite ironic to have Whatever You Can Still Betray as my blog title, when in fact, in person I hate to part my secrets to anyone. You see, parting with something so intimate, so wholly connected to you mean giving the person, whom you told your secrets to, a kind of power over you. And I really do not like anyone having power over me. Because it makes me feel helpless and vulnerable. And I do not want that.

However, I must have had another reason for having it as a blog title other than as reference to John LeCarre's quote, since I have not yet encountered something similar to what HE was referring to. 

Maybe it was because I wanted to communicate my innermost thoughts, other than the deepest secrets, anonymously and put it out onto the world without the face-to-face verbal repercussions from people. Of course putting them in public domain would of course meant exposing yourself (to a wider audience) regardless of your fear of having your opinions turned against you. 

But for those of us who bare their souls over things we hold dear - be it books, movies, dreams, food, romance, etc. - we get a kind of relief, a release from things that we keep to ourselves. And believe it or not, we do get a kick out of sharing something of ours with others. It is our way of wanting to connect with people with similar interests. We risk ourselves with every word we write, every photo we upload, and every thought we betray.

It is liberating.


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