It's A Brand New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

Hello everyone! It's 2011 and I am greeting the Year of the Rabbit with lots and lots of energy!

I went on hiatus for two weeks to manage our household at my hometown. I also tried to make my homework (which include two research proposals) but to no avail! I cannot write a single thing... except in my dream journal but that's another story.

And no. I'm not posting any book-related thing this week as I catch-up with schoolwork. I have a grade-point average to maintain, you know. However, I would start the week next week with a longish "In My Mailbox" meme since I got a lot of books for Christmas.

Moreover, this month I will feature my reviews of the ARCs of The Iron Queen, Outside In, One Hundred Candles and Lost Voices.

And lotsa other things. Until then, I have to slave for my grade.



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