Cover Thursday (3): The Van Alen Legacy

I have decided to dedicate my Thursdays to covers of upcoming releases or covers of books that are already on the shelves that I happen to love.  I do not know if a blog is already hosting a weekly cover meme, although I know that there is a weekly Booking Through Thursday.  But due to my location, I am at least ten hours ahead of that blog and I really do my blogging in the morning, so I am doing the covers instead - though I'm going to participate in Booking Through Thursday from time to time.

by Melissa De La Cruz

Who was not intrigued by the cover? I mean, it's a bride! It's a bride! And everyone was wondering who was going to be married!

Moi? I had my doubts that it was going to be Schuyler. She was on the run - and still is, although she's with Jack now. So, Schuyler was out of the running.  It was not Bliss though, because the way the events went previously, she was not going to be a bride anytime soon. That left Mimi who was canoodling with Jack in the last scene of book three.

Of course, that bit went against my fervent wishes for Schuyler and Jack to be together although I like Mimi for her persona. But still....

All in all, the cover really left me wondering and was one of two reasons why I was eagerly awaiting The Van Alen Legacy (the other was: "What will happen? What will happen??")

And I went and jumped around (as usual when I get my hands on a book) when I finally had it.


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