This is the second week of my semestral break and so far I have read around three books. The horror!

Just kidding.

There are days when I am very pumped up and would read for days on end and there are times when I would just laze around and play RPG games. Now, I love to play computer games especially RPG, adventure, puzzle, strategy and sim ones. Awhile back (okay, three or four years ago), I discovered this site called Reflexive Arcade and have been downloading from them ever since. Of course, that site is closed now, T_T , but my absolute favorites from that site are The Mystery Case Files series (I just finished Dire Grove), Jojo's Fashion Show and The Dream Chronicles (there's a new trilogy which features Faye's daughter Lyra). I am eyeing Big Fish Games now.

Of course, I also play The Sims, but I often get bored with it. I actually uninstalled The Sims 3 from my laptop in order to make room for other games. I also played Dragon Age: Origins last summer - I had a blast! And I'm going to reinstall again since there are updates and such.

And then Beans, The Couch Surfer, introduced me to this little game called Aveyond around one-and-a-half years ago. 

She was like: "Hey! Have you heard of this game?"

I did not. Yet, I want to try it; so, I went and downloaded it and installed it and have been playing the series ever since.

Aveyond (Rhen's Quest): Here's Rhen and the gang in battle with an Angel of Death before facing Ahriman.

Yes! I am an Aveyond addict (this is you fault, Beans)! And I played the series through Ean's Quest (which I did not like) and then the Orbs of Magic series (Lord of Twilight, Gates of Night, The Lost Orb). The thing I like about this games series is that it has great gameplay (and soundtrack), a wonderful storyline and loveable characters (Wah! Te'ijal I miss you. See you in the next installment). And even if I play it over and over again, it does not get boring or tiring.

The next installment, The Darkthrop Prophecy, will be released on December 2010. *sighs* While I'm waiting, I am playing Aveyond: Rhen's Quest again and I recently downloaded the prequel, Ahriman's Prophecy (this one is free) from Amaranthia, the official website.

'Nuff said.


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