New Review Format

I realized that my reviews/reactions about certain books, TV series and other things are a little disorganized.  Therefore, I decided to tweak them in such a way that I don't overwhelm anyone with fluffiness and screams about how much I love (or hate) the subject in review.

This new layout would debut when I finish and review this new book I'm reading: Manifest by Artist Arthur.

In the reality front, I'm going in circles with my life... Therefore, I'm doing anything that I can think of these days: having part-time work so that I won't be bothered with my conscience (about depending on my relatives for pocket money and tuition money and also I have a lot of time in my hands), volunteering for a non-profit organization (again, a lot of time) and maintaining this blog and other nuances.

I'm rambling again. Posting my review for the Twilight Saga: Eclipse movie.


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  1. Personally, I find rambling to be a very good waste of time.


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