For Book Lovers

My mother always tell me this story: the day I became infatuated with books, newspapers, print and with reading in general.

I was only two years old, and as customary I was sitting on my grandfather's lap. Lolo (grandfather in Filipino), was trying to read a newspaper, but being the curious toddler that I was I arranged myself, tried to grab the rustling pages and read along with him - much to say as I can't read yet.

To me, it was a premonition, a prelude that I would be a great reader - reading all the things my hands could grab - from dictionaries, atlases, books, newspapers, flyers, the information printed on a can and the things written on the worldwide web.

On a side note, I prefer to read fiction books - magic and fantasy being my favorites. To me, reading is my portal to a different world - a means of escape, an answer to my dreams.

And if there is a job - a career that only requires reading to one's heart's content - I'd take it.

Heck, I collect books - if my allowance would allow it (no pun intended) or I do "puppy-dog-eyes" at my parents.

Lately, though, the price of books skyrocketed and much as I want to have a hardcopy (and I can't - don't have any patience - wait for the 'slashed price' ones) I endure reading the softcopies instead.


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