Medical Help!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning, I accompanied my mother and my grandmother to the Eastern Samar Provincial Hospital because my grandmother needed to get a an anti-tetanus shot for her rat bite. Since the normal entrance was closed we used the Emergency entrance where we find two nurses - only two and no doctor in sight; there was an ailing old lady lying on a stretcher by the corner surrounded by her family.

I'm not going to tell all about the shot, what I'm getting here is: THE HOSPITAL IS SERIOUSLY UNDERSTAFFED.

There are not enough nurses to go round, check the patients and generally take care of the patients and the four or five doctors (who may not be even a 'in-house' doctors) are not enough for round-the-clock medical attention.

My grandmother was needed to be checked by 11:30 (30 minutes after the 'test' shot) to see if she was allergic to thatparticular brand of tetanus, but it was delayed since there was an emergency in the form of a man stabbed several times (God! There was a lot of blood!). And boy, see this, there were only two nurses and one doctor for the entire emergency section of the hospital.

Ah, basta!

Where are the thousands of nurses who graduate every year? Are they so bent on making money? - - Oh, wait! The reason, pala, they took nursing as a profession is to have a job ABROAD - in a FOREIGN country!!!!

I understand the need for money, but dears, this country needs you more than first-world ones where they have top-of-the-line medical technology.

To all the nurses and doctors who are natives of this province, we need you here. Do the things you love to do and the rewards would soon come after.


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